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Interview with Andy T. from JAX

Twenty years ago the hermetically sealed Berlin Wall burst open. The Wall’s fall is celebrated in the recent album from JAX, We Are The People. IndieMusicReview.NET’s Gary Levinson spoke with JAX’s Andy T. (more…)

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Fiction 20 Down
Welcome to the Grassroots
reviewed by Gary Levinson

Fiction 20 Down is the very definition of laid back. After I started to listen to it, I was taken back to a time in High School when my life was much less complicated. It seems that the Buddha-nature of life really kicks in as one gets older. (more…)

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Wim Wenders Interview

Wim Wenders is a renouned director of such films as Paris, Texas, Wings of Desire, Buena Vista Social Club, and many more. Gary Levinson, had the fortune and pleasure to speak with Mr. Wenders on the occasion of the screening of his film “The Soul of a Man” in Berlin.

GL: At the opening and near the end of your film there are majestic photos of the blue planet earth taken from space.  Is it any coincidence that the film is also related to this color, in that it is about the blues? (more…)

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IMR: What does the phrase Savier Klaro mean? [perhaps it means ‘Clear Knowledge’?] (more…)

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